Lūcija Garūta

Composer and Pianist

“Piano Concerto”,
Pianist Élisabeth Pion

This film follows pianist Élisabeth Pion’s visit to Riga, where she explores the life and work of composer Lūcija Garūta. Élisabeth visits Garūta’s apartment, offering insights into the composer’s environment and her creative process. The highlight is Élisabeth playing on Garūta’s own grand piano, deepening her connection with the music she will perform in Montreal with Orchestre Métropolitain. The film documents this unique preparation and offers a glimpse into the intersection of historical context and musical interpretation.

"Her music elevates you, taking you from earth to the stars and sun."

Zenta Mauriņa

Opera Silver Bird

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The Vision of the LGF Foundation

Established in 2000, the LGF Foundation honors the memory and enduring contributions of Lūcijas Garūta to Latvian cultural and musical heritage. Through events, collaborations, and educational endeavors, LGF actively integrates her legacy into today’s vibrant arts scene. Proudly supported by institutions and individuals locally and globally, LGF remains a beacon for music, culture, and art appreciation in Latvia.