Lūcijas Garūtas Foundation

Lucijas Garutas Foundation (Lūcijas Garūtas fonds) was established in May of 2000.

Among the initiators of the foundation were her relatives, colleagues and students, people feeling a wish to maintain memories and the creative heritage of Lūcijas Garūta, but above all – to take care that heritage being actively included into contemporary cultural and musical life of Latvia.

The main functional trends of the Lūcijas Garūta foundation are as follows: 

• promotion of culture, music and art;

• organizing seminars, courses, educational, charity events;

• organizing concerts and contests;

• promoting the creation of compositions by new Latvian composers;

• encouraging young players to learn the heritage of Latvian music so that it sounds in Latvia and beyond its borders.

• sheet music editions, books, booklets, postcards, etc. creation, publication and distribution;

• CD, DVD, VIDEO and AUDIO recordings;

• ensuring the preservation of cultural objects, museum activities and traditions;

• cooperation with similar organizations;

• integration of different groups of society.

Among the supporters of the foundation there are: Cultural Ministry, Latvian Academy of Music, Latvian Composer’s Union, Musica Baltica publishers, Music schools, as well as individuals both in Latvia and abroad.